Name That Onkyo!

A buddy has two pair of Onkyos, and I forgot to ask him what they were haha the black grill was spray painted, it was I believe silver.

Could you ask him for a picture of the back? That might yield more info. Also are there 3 drivers or 2 drivers

Charmander! :laughing:

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Aight my guess is the onkyo HS 20 or onkyo M30 for the bottom pair

That’s no fun if I do that hahaha

Well, I didn’t know if you just wanted to make a challenge or were actually looking for help lol

Going to stick with my previous answer for the bottom. The top could be a fair amount of models

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For the top, it’s hard to tell because the cover is different from what I would expect to be. Also the edges of the speaker are just flat an not really curved or sloped inward. And for some of the other models I would think it would be the cabinet is too thin.

So do we ever get to know the answer lol. At least for the top one can I get a picture with the cover off?

I forgot to get the model number when I took the pictures so I’m waiting for a response! Haha :woman_facepalming:

The HS-20 is the little guy, and I feel like the black does look a little better.
I haven’t been able to find anything on the other speaker…

Ayyyy so I got the 2nd one then lol

The first one though I would still want to see the drivers though

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Still waiting for that photo

Looks to be circa late 70’s -> mid 80’s; You see a lot of tuners, amps, recs from them, not much on the speaker side.

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