Ndh20 or HD-560s

never tried a studio reference headphones
having mixed reviews with neumann-ndh20
trying to decide between ndh20 or HD-560s
looking for balance sound with better base respond
KEYWORD being fun is what i am looking for
how is neumann-ndh20 for today’s use i really like them

from what I heard the NDH-20 is flat sounding so better for professional use, HD 560s would be more fun

I interpret the word balanced as neutral…and you can’t have better bass response if you seek a neutral sound signature. not that there won’t be bass, but it’s not going to be anything more than clean and present.

that said, the 560 is designed trying to hit the Harmon target, so it will be a more fun headphone to listen to, so I’d say it’s a safe bet to go for.

no it is not.

The NDH-20 looks a total shambles between 1-3k. 560s is neutral bar a couple of treble peaks.

perhaps it wasn’t designed, on purpose, but it does, nonetheless. use your Google-fu and ejumicate yourself :slight_smile:

it is nowhere near harman sub 100hz.

something doesn’t need to be identical to be similar.

Dig up my friend, dig up.

there’s also nothing wrong agreeing to disagree when both parties are right depending on perspective. :slight_smile:

The more core issues to unpack here are that you’re interested in “studio neutral” and also seeking “fun”. Ask yourself what fun means to you, and why you think you’re seeking studio neutral. These may be opposing goals.

Also, do you need a closed-back or open-back? Another big difference.