Nectar Sound a Electrostatic Headphone startup?

While looking at classifieds I came across someone selling their own hand made electrostatics headphones

Appears he has been making headphones for at least a year now and has 2 headphones he is currently selling, the Pollinator going for $350 and the Hive going for $599.

I honestly am not sure how good they are, but it at least looks interesting enough to share

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Alright wow thats pretty interesting. Lol “Hand made in my garage” Though I would highly recommend him switch out to a dekoni pad instead of brainwavz they have such better quality in their pads. Wonder if anyone would be interested in picking one up to check out

You have 20 days to return the headphones from time of receipt if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Once your amplifier is built and you’re able to listen to your headphones, you have 20 days to return them for any reason.

I will say that policy definitely inspires confidence though.

I’ve seen these for sale used. usually going for about $500.

they’re pretty slick. I’m curious to how they sound.

Looks cool! I am not that adventurous, but I would be curious to hear more about them.

I jsut emailed them asking how they sound compared to the SR-207’s and what’s needed to make them work with a 252s energizer.


Maybe if you guys are talking you could ask about if they would work with the Koss energizer?

I will do ask when I get a response. :slight_smile:

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well, he uses the same pinout as STAX, so you’d need to get an adapter for using with the Koss energizer. you can buy cables for $99 off of Head-Fi, but he said you give him a Koss extension cable and he’s rewire one side to work.

I just saw this thread. I posted a video from yesterday that had an unboxing/first listen of this headphone. It looks promising.



Thanks @ValentineLuke
This are well worth it and fun for entry-level estats.

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Nice! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hear them in the future. :+1:t4:

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I´ve seen these too a while ago. If i would have a stax energizer i probably would have tested them. But no Stax Energizer and no money :upside_down_face:

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