Need a boost in Bass

I have a micca origen 2 and was wondering if theres something out there that I can pair it with that has a bass boost?

What’s your budget? If you don’t want to buy anything you could always use APO EQ

$100 budget, something I can control on the fly.

Schiit Loki…4 channel EQ. sub bass, mid bass, mids and treble.

That’s what I was thinking as well, but the issue would be that you wouldn’t be able to use it with the headphones without another headphone amp

Possibly the m-audio bass traveler? There really isn’t a simple solution without buying a new setup or amp

So would it be better if I just went with a Schiit stack with the Loki?

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That would do it. You could easily tweak the sound and get a better amp and dac out of it. + A clean looking stack

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Bassier headphones?

Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic! (needed to get to 20 characters).

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Definitely also an option as well