Need a budget speaker bar or pair of speakers

Hey guys, so my lady had the sound apparently a bit too loud on our tv and now has started to cause some buzz in the right speaker looks like it blew or something, granted though the tv is fairly old and outside of warranties. So I need a good budget speaker bar to be used in place of the tv speakers. Just for now while I place some money to the side for a full on Home Theater system. Anyone got some pretty strong but budget friendly recommendations? Cheaper the better I just don’t like going out and grabbing something as more than likely itll be a piece of junk in that case. speaker bar or a pair of stereo speakers would work just fine

The dayton audio b652 + mini amp combo from parts-express $70/80 is pretty good for budget. Or I guess Edifier 1700 for active solution.

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How low cost are you looking?
You could get one of these:

and these:

then when you do go full surround, re-purpose the Neumi BS5 to rear channels. This would also mean paying more upfront, but you could then have some invested for when you’re ready to expand later.

JBL 104 come to mind. Shape is unorthodox and they are not good monitoring speakers, but decent for multimedia tasks (like a TV).


just something cheap and potentially temporary honestly. sub $100 potentially. Doesn’t have to be something grandeur or anything.

was thinking JBL just wasn’t sure honestly. Yeah don’t need it for anything but TV purposes and its more than guaranteed to be more towards a temporary solution as I plan to use the home theater system later down the road. Just for the time being for like the next 6 months or so I need a decent enough replacement for the speakers

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+1. Although I would spring for the Air version. I started with these speakers and adding a sub they sound really good for 2.1. I have them on surround duty now in my home theater.

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Yamaha Yas-107 is a very good soundbar for 150/200.

I think at the budget to mid price range sound bars offer a neat solution and performance is now very good. There has been serious investment in both soundbar and wifi/bt speakers relative to more traditional audio equipment over the last decade and I think it is now showing.

Have you checked out the Klipsch 2.1 THX system? It’s actually supposed to be pretty great for the price. Comes with a left and right and a subwoofer. Might be worth a try.

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no but that looks like a good fit for my desktop setup lol

Maybe I am too late, but have you considered Edifier? Like the R1280T or the R1700BT. They are cheap, decent enough and you could repurpose them later for a secondary room when you get the Home Theater.

If saving for a HT and just want Cheap to get by

Insignia Soundbar

Those neumi’z pretty damn good, havent cranked them yet but sound great so far.