Need a DAC?AMP for HE-4XX

need an amp/dac for HIFIMAN HE-4XX. volume maxed out on PC does not go loud enough. dont know what to buy?. dont want to spend a fortune, or buy a cheap crappy item.

All in one solution that I found enjoyable is the schitt HEL. After that any of the $100 stacks on the market would work well for them.

is it worth it to spend a little more? at what point is it useless for the HE 4XX?

It depends on if you are going to upgrade headphones in the nearish future. The $100 amps and dacs are really good for their price and it’s hard to improve on them without spend 2 or 3 times the amount. I should ask what have you been eyeing?

the ifi Zen DAC would be perfect. it’s hat drives my 4xx right now in fact.

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watched a ton of different videos and after a while they all start to look the same and I feel overwealmed

Do you plan on upgrading your headphones in the future? You won’t see a huge benefit from more expensive dacs and amps for the 4xx.

I am giving my step dad the 4xx and he should be good for a couple years.

Ok so maybe we should discuss budget for a while system and what kind of sound you are looking for after the 4xx.

You’ll need an amp. Try and see if you can get an entry level one like what is being recommended second hand save same cash and good performance for the budget.

ifi Zen DAC is a combo DAC / Amp…tho there are also separate DAC and Amp models now. also, the combo unit just released v2, but if you find an OG on the used market, don’t let that stop you from buying unless the price is silly.

look at US Audio Mart and r/a exchange, plus your local Craigslist / Kijiji.

I am thinking of the iFi ZEN DAC V2 or iFi ZEN CAN that is just an amp but has a button that Zeos claims will give it a more 3d effect.

I use a Fiio K5 Pro with my 4XX. It has plenty of power and seems to make the most of the soundstage. I have not compared to iFi to advise you but the only aspect that I feel could be better on the Fiio is detail levels.

bought the Drop THX AAA 789. but Thanks to everyone for their advise