Need a DAP because Apple sucks

Hi, My iPhone doesn’t support anything above 44k sample rate, (MusicBee user) iTunes won’t even let me import them unless i wanna use third parti apps so i need a daP (capital PPPP cause i need it to be as portable as possible) for iems, just something neutral sounding with 192k sample rate support.
I have a smsl su8/sh8 my cans are covered

Budget is under 300 Euros
I use Kato and Timeless moar iems in the future possibly … maybe …
If a dongle dac + third party app is a better option let me know why and what.
and btw i’m new to this audiophile wonderworld so scream at if you want, i won’t be offended :smile emoji not working:

The floor is yours kind sirs and madamamamas

And no, not buying another phone, love hate relationship with Apple …

not a huge dap follower but
might be able to find a used Cayin N3pro around that price
Hiby R5 (first gen) should be around and below that depending on if it’s the AKM or Saber version (I got my R5 Saber for like $150 USD when it was on sale and had a coupon)

Sady used Hifi stuff is very hard to find in Italy … so far i’ve been thinking either the Hidizs AP80 pro X or the SHANLING Q1


Check out the Hiby R3, they’re decent.
Unfortunately I don’t know how well they work with Apple if that matters.
In general you should check if it is Apple compatible.
There are only a few that are.
And most of them are very expensive.

I don’t recommend the Hidizs which is terrible on Apple.

If I may make another suggestion, take a look at the Ify Hip Dac 2.
It’s also very good and better than a dongel.

Because of the 16/44 source on the Hip Dac 2, it doesn’t matter.
In general, it’s enough for mobile use.
For home use, of course, I would like something decent where you can also be flexible.
A dac/amp combination would be OK for now, especially for beginners.
I think the Ify Zen Dac should also be able to support Iem.

Are you looking to play local files or stream or both? Android based or not?

For your budget I’d second the HiBy R3 Pro - although it looks like only the Saber version now avaialble (I have the first version non-Saber). I only use it for local flac though - although it does have Tidal and Quobuz baked in to the firmware so can stream if you have one of those accounts. It’s small, very portable, great battery life - I use it on the go.

Slightly over your budget but I also have Shanling M3X as I wanted to expand streaming options to Amazon HD. It’s Android based so may not be for you. It’s very good, and although bigger than the R3 still small enough to be very portable. Battery life also excellent, more options than the R3 being Android.

I just prefer having a separate DAP rather than using my phone + dongle. Having said that as you have an iPhone the Apple dongle plus a third party app may do you just fine. Not sure if there’s an Apple version of UAPP available though (always had Android phones) - great app and it’s what I use on the M3X.

Only local, OS doesn’t matter to me, ease of use sound quality and portability are the only concerns.
since i can’t get the non saber ship version, is the relatively new Hidizs AP80 pro X better or should i just get the HiBy R3 Pro with the saber chip?
i’m guessing most normal daps support apple lossless (ALAC) otherwise i’ll have to converte my entire library

apple dongle doesn’t support over 48k sadly

The Hidsz ap80 pro x is not good.
I had it and it had not been Apple compatible.
Only via was better on Android.
Soundwise it was not so great.
Also the functions are such that you always need a minimum of one to be able to use the full function.
Totally stupidly done, to be honest.

Didn’t realise there was a new Hidizs out - I would think both are good choices, but I only have the R3 Pro so can’t add my thoughts on the Hidizs.

Ah ok, sorry I have no Apple products so didn’t realise that.

Edit: from what @Deleeh has just posted I’d ignore what I put above re: the Hidizs, better to get feedback from someone who has had one :+1:

i don’t need to connect it to any device, i don’t know why i would get a dap instead of a dongle dac to use it on my phone

i’m guessing the sabre version is that much worst to not be recommend

No, not at all - if I had the Saber version I would recommend it. I just wanted the R3 Pro for the Cirrus Logic chips really, and as the Saber was just out it cost slightly more iirc.

Edit: Always a good idea to check out as many reviews as you can - good and bad - as well before hitting the buy button.

some people prefer one dac version over the other but it’s not a big enough difference to make or break the experience

I guess it’s between the more recent Hidizs AP80 pro X and the Hiby R3 Pro Saber and the reviews are very positive for both, but surprisingly no one has done a comparison between them considering they are almost the same price

Getting the Hiby, any specific sd card is required or whatever will do ?

as long as it’s not more capacity than it supports it’ll be fine

Not really, just get a decent brand card with enough space for your library. I usually wait for a deal on Amazon for Sandisk 256GB cards.