Need a decent open back headphone for gaming

Hey guys,

I’m new to the forum and am looking for a new pair of headphones for gaming. It would be nice if it’s compatible with vmoda boom pro (already own it).
At the moment I use the dt990 (80 Ohm) for singleplayer games and music. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is used for online games where you need to communicate (I think both are great for me). I’d like to run only one headset because it’s rly anoying to change them every day.
What do you think about the PC37x in 2021, still worth it or are there better combos I could go for?
I’m also open to mod my dt990 with an aux jack and attach the vmoda if you would recommend it.

Games I play - CSGO, Valorant, New World, Singleplayer like RDR2, Kena, …

Budget - ~150€

Source/Amp - Shiit Fulla 4

Preferred tonal balance- A ballanced one would be great

Preferred music genre(s) - Mainstream music

I’m looking forward to hear your recommendations :slight_smile:

Best regards

I played for years with something like a 10$ KZ ATE (there is a version with integrated mic) and my setup now costs 20x as much, but isn’t any better for gaming.

For me personally the IEM form factor is superior, because i can use a single iem for everything (listening to music/gaming on the pc/using it with my smartphone/use it for conference calls). But form factor is personal preference.

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Thanks for this helpful video!

Personally I don’t like IEM, they never fit to my ears which is why they cause pain to me. I’d need adapted IEM, but that’s to expensive for me.

Perhaps mod that 990 to a 3.5mm detached so it can use v Moda. I’ll chime on this later when I’m a bit more awake lol

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IEMs aren’t for everyone I guess. In that case I would probably go for something like this if it is purely for gaming: Modding that 990 would also be good. Or just take a suggestion from the video.

I don’t want to convince you one way or another, but out of pure curiosity… when you say, that IEMs never fit to your ears:

  • How many IEMs have you tried?
  • How many different tip sizes have you tried?
  • Have you tried foam tips?
  • How long did you try to get them to fit (a week or 1 minute)?

I would appreciate it, if you could answer those questions for science :slight_smile:

I`ve tried 5 different brands
Tried every size and also foam tip
Wore them around 5 hours/day for 2 weeks and a half.

But I’m not looking for IEMs… too many bad experiences
My ears are just not made for this little things :smiley: I have the same problems with hearing protections at work.

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Alright, im up lol. Now lets see here…

To start with this… unfortunately most headphones aren’t going to be compatible with this… there are some of course but in most cases they wont have the capabilties of your 990 there… I would just encourage either a Modmic or getting a dedicated boom mic either condensor or dynamic whichever you prefer for your use case… since you have a lot more to choose from in that regard.

its meh, pc38x is definitely better than 37x but they are still gaming headsets… they aren’t all that good in many many cases… but if you have to choose one there definitely go with 38x instead.

lol noticed you put this on here now yeah I would recommend this as an option as well… if you really still want a new headphone maybe see about the tygr 300r… or if you really want a balanced out signature compared to say that 990 there that would be the dt 880 instead… maybe the tygr a bit as well since its not as sharp as the normal 990… since the 990 is V shaped the 880 is a bit more balanced out with more mids in the mix… you just lose some soundstage.

Normally the modding services you can find on places like etsy and maybe someone on here who can point you in the right direction will charge you around like… $70 - $100 or something to make the headphone detachable.

Demevalos on etsy and reddit does beyer detachable cable mods all day long with a great track record. Unsure about his pricing but I’m sure it’s not too bad.