Need a gaming headset

Guys im really lost, the last few days and im searching in the internet for a headset but can’t choose one…
Im looking for a pure fps gaming headset, I dont care about music or anything else, only gaming, sound stage, imagining.
I got really good reviews on the Tygr 300 R, but its doesn’t ship to my country, well I can buy them from amazon but its with the mic that I dont need and its 400$, its too much for me…
My price range is 150$-250$, I dont want an amp or something like this…

Im playing mostly Apex and its a really big map…and only in this game im finding trouble to hear footsteps and where the enemies are if they are above me or under me…so I think I need a big soundstage headset

I would recommend this read up. Very detailed information to help you decide on what to purchase. You have a decent budget for pure gaming headsets. You also didn’t note if you had a mic or not already. Do you even use a mic also. It’ll help others to help you with recommendations.

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I dont really need mic…
and I read this and still can’t decide, I thought maybe the Game one, or the DT 990 32 ohm that its doesn’t require an amp

I think that imagining its more important than sound stage, Im using the cloud 2 right now, and I can hear from far away people shooting or something but can’t know exactly where they are, and even if people near me I can’t exactly pinpoint where they are, and this what bother me a lot.

I see my name got brought up lol

Hey there @Rotem_Nin Welcome to HIfiguides,

This is going to be an issue. Most headphones are going to require you to have an amp at the very least in the $120 range like an ifi zen dac combo unit.

even in 32 ohms I have ran into units, or the consoles, that struggle to power thsi headphone. I also do not recommend the beyers in their less than 250 ohm, especially the dt 990 over there due to ear piercing brightness, as it sounds pretty bad in my opinion.

Imaging and soundstage go hand in hand. It boils down to the fps your playing. If its say for example Battlefield you of course want that large soundstage alongside accurate imaging cause your playing in a very large field however if its small like COD than your okay with a narrow soundstage. However, regardless you want as accurate of imaging as possible with a more 360 degree soundstage not just a left to right sound as some headphones, even the clouds over there, tend to do.

If it’s just for competitive… gaming headsets in this price margin are going to be Cooler Master MH751(go with 752 if you can as you gain the ability to equalize the sound) or the Sennheiser PC37x aka Game One however I found pc37x better in most general cases if you can get your hands on it.

If your up for rethinking your amp choice however, I can recommend the DT 880 as potentially the best option here however it does need an amp. You can find DT 880s ranging between $120 - $200 if you dig around. The amp unit I would recommend would be an Ifi Zen Dac unless your on console of which I would recommend switching to Soundblasters G6 as it has an optical port both of these tend to run around $120. If you dig around you can still squeeze them both in a purchase at $250.

The Reason I mention DT 880 and not the 990 is that 990 has a ton of bass behind it as it’s a V signature. What this means is that the bass is raised as is the Treble however the mids are recessed. Too much bass of any kind in competitive gaming is bad as rumble gets in the way of your footsteps and other sounds. Regardless, I fully believe the 880 to be one of the best choices in the $200 margin for a gamer who wants straight competitive. It has very accurate imaging and a pretty large soundstage behind it alongside incredible comfort and a 360 degree field of sound its practically perfect for the competitive gamer

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