Need advice for multiple system

Hi. Current setup:
Edifier R2800 with spdif and RCA inputs.
Edifier R1900TII with RCA input.
Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro 80 ohm headphones.

All of these are ‘’ powered’’ with Asus Xonar Essence STX II PC internal sound card. I can stream music from spdif and RCA outputs at the same time so both speaker systems play at the same time (for my ears together they sound beautiful) and overal sound quality is decent.

Question: Is it woth it to upgrade to external dac-amp to stream music from all devices? Will it be clearly noticable difference against STX II? There are not many dacs with spdif outputs and or 2x RCA outputs, also powerful amp is needed for 80 ohm headphones. Budget is about 400 eur. Recommendations? Thanx.

The edifiers are powered and include their own DAC/AMP’s built in, so there won’t be a win there.
They probably aren’t worth driving through the Aux input, there is a chance the crossover is digital, in which case it’ll just resample the input and put it through the internal DAC anyway.

The DT770’s are easy to drive, so you would probably get a marginal improvement there.
Personally I’d wait until you either go with a passive speaker setup or want to get better headphones.

Yeah, makes sense. Probably gonna save it for the future. In a few years or so planning to buy floor standing speaker setup and hoping to pay much more than this ‘upgrade’ would cost. Soo I have some time for planning :sweat_smile: Thanx for advise :+1: