Need advice for next headphone purchase

Hello, I’m looking to purchase my next pair of headphones, as I recently upgraded my stack to a topping e70+l70 and since it has been a few years since my last headphone purchase, thought this was a good chance. I generally prefer warmer/bassier headphones and do get fatigued easily from bright headphones (trying out the focal elegias hurt my ears after 5 min). Please give me your suggestions as well as any insight into the headphones I mention.

The headphones I own are the hd 6xx, neumann ndh 20 and ndh 30. Headphones I have listened to in the past that I have enjoyed were the lcd 2 fazor and dan clark aeon closed. Headphones I have listened to I did not enjoy were mdr z1r, mdr z7, focal elegia, focal utopia, hd800s, hd820, and meze empyrean.

I am located in Korea so the headphones that I have access to are limited. The ones that I can purchase without too much difficulty that I am interested in are LCD2 classic (the audeze dealer her does not sell the normal lcd 2f), LCD X, ZMF Eikon, Atticus, Aeolus. I am also worried about headphone longevity, as sending in hifimans or lcd in for repairs would involve international shipping (something I would rather avoid) so I am sort of leaning towards the dynamic drivers on the ZMFs, and though I would have liked to just settle with the hd800s, I would prefer warmer headphones with more punch in the bass. While I can and have tried out the Audeze headphones, I can’t try out the ZMF headphones before purchase as the ZMF dealer here does not have any on display.

When it comes to blind buying ZMF headphones I’d suggest considering the Auteur Classic. It’s a straightforward upgrade to the HD650 and probably a safe choice.

You said you like overall warmth and punchy bass. Within the affordable part of the Audeze line, that describes the LCD-2C perfectly.

Rich, warm bass. Pretty forward and aggressive upper mids. Rolled-off treble with average detail.

To me, the LCD-2C is similar to the 6XX (I own/have owned both) in its overall warm tone and rolled-off treble. But the bass of the LCD-2C is more prominent and tighter than the 6XX, while the 6XX has less aggressive upper mids with better timbre.

Hope this helps! Good luck.