Need advice - HD800s or LCD4z

Dear users, I’d like to ask for opinions from people experienced in that field,

I need a headset to be used exclusively in portable setup, with Btr7, for listening to mostly classical repertoire (organ, chamber, orchestra) and for recording of myself (my instrument is organ).

I already own a pair of HD800S, and a person in my country is selling an LCD4z.

I am very uncertain whether I should go for it?

The cons are that they are still more expensive, that I unfortunately won’t have possibility to try them out and to return them (only resell), that I heard about driver problems with Audeze (I’m in Europe).

The pros could be that they might simply be musically more rich than HD800S, and with a better bass, and that they would work better with Btr7

I know there is no right or wrong, all a matter of taste, but still would appreciate opinions.

Thank you!