Need advice, is the X2 a decent upgrade from the shp9500

Hi guys, I have the shp9500 and love them for gaming and music. This is the only sound I know as this is my first real pair of cans. Will the X2’s be a decent upgrade. Need to know as I dont want to pull the trigger and then be disappointed. I love the detail and clarity of the shp9500, will that fade away with the X2 due to the bass emphasis and massive sound stage?

Need some info please.

If you prefer clarity, I would not suggest the x2, as the bass can kind of impede on the midrange, making sort of a muddy sound. Also not being as intimate, it might be a bit harder to pick out some detail

The thing is I only know the shp sound signature. Dont know anything else. Listened to the x2 and shp sound demo from Z and the clarity of the x2 sounded on parr with the shp

Z gave them a raving review and trust him a bit. I just need someone to say stop being a pussy and buy them lol

The main issue with sound demos is that you are not listening to the headphone itself, you are listening to the microphones that recorded the audio, youtube compression, and the sound back through your headphone.

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Buying and trying them is the best way to find out if you like it or not, so I would see if you can get them from a place like amazon with a good return policy if you don’t like them

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Here in South Africa its expensive to buy from amazon. Import charges are crazy. We have a amazing local site that guys buy and sell headphones etc. But yea. Maybe I must just give it a try. Its a little more than $110 if I must convert. But I think your right. I wont know untill i try them. Thanx