Need advice on how to add speakers to my setup

Hey, I’m thinking about adding speakers to my current PC setup (haven’t decided on speakers yet).

Right now for my headphones I have Topping D50 + Monolith Liquid Platinum (yes, I know I’ve should probably upgrade my DAC, but I bought AMP slightly used for almost half the price). And the question is what would be the easiest way to add speakers? I don’t think my amp can passthrough to powered speakers, since it seems in only have inputs at the back.

Would I need to change DAC to one that has two outputs?

As for speakers themselves probably something like Edifier S1000MKII 2.0.

Just use some rca splitters from tbe dac either to an amp or powered speakers.

I use these to split my phono stage output between the main amp and my headphones

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Great, thank you for an advice. I found similar on

Now just the question is, should I go with those Edifiers, or something else. I have small room (2,4m x 4,6m) with desk being on the smaller wall, and behind me windows with heavy quite heavy curtains. Would also be nice if they sounded good on lower volume, since I do not want to go to war with my neighbours (I can’t use headphones as much as I used to).