Need advice on new headphones

Hello there, Im looking for new Headphones that I will be using for everything, but mostly for gaming.
I also need them to have a decent noise isolation, because I live with a snorer.

I’m considering buying one of this two:

  • Sennheiser ie40 pro
  • Fiio JD7

You’re also welcome to recommend new headphones (must be wired in ear with Mini-Jack) . My budget is <100€

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Personally I wasn’t a fan of the Fiio there extremely neutral to my ear and a bit boring sterile overall… I would take the ie40 anyday over that especially with sennheisers and their mids. If you want something a bit more fun look into the Byrd series from beyerdynamic… I also was a good fan of Etymotic er2xr but these are rather deep in the ear good for isolation but comfort may vary on this style. Others may have some recommendations for you though for some cheap in ears… Should be noted that the ie40 like many sennheisers isn’t that exciting in the bass and a bit under neutral for it’s treble… so if you want something bassier or brighter this may not be a good choice. In this regard the JD7 would be better for it’s more balanced sound

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You should go for sennheiser. Thanks
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