Need an AMP for DT880 (250 ohm) - tight budget

I’m looking to buy an amp for my Beyerdynamic DT880s. I have been using them with only my motherboard’s audio (Asus Maximus VIII Hero) after being told it should be enough here on the forum.
However I think it could be better with some dedicated gear.

What amp or ideally amp/dac combo would you guys recommend as being adequate for getting full potential out of my headphones? I am a complete noob in this regard so any description / aditional info will be welcomed. Also, I am based in EU (market here kinda different from US).

I’d like to not spend a fortune on it. It would be nice if it’s not more expensive than the headphones themself…

Thanks for help!

Fiio K5 Pro can be found in the EU. Not sure about price or quality.

Topping A30, Topping L30 or Monolith Liquid Spark are also options (120 to 150€ ish), I have no experience with either of them.

Now for something I have experience with :wink:

I have a LakePeople G103-S and am super happy with. It will drive the DT-880 no problem, does not have a DAC built in and is more expensive than them.

Well, the K5 Pro is available here, but it does cost about 300$ with tax, so it doesn’t really fit in my budget.
Do you think that lower tier amps would be enough? I currently have higher tier onboard audio so I don’t know if buying some 100$-ish amp would help at all. (for example FiiO E10k)

180€ before shipping:

Depends. My first amp (fed from onboard) was the ART HeadAmp4. It is a “better than nothing”-tier device in everything except build quality.

Not from France sadly. Think that the shipping will more or less end up costing the same if I bought it with cheap shipping locally.

K5 Pro and Topping are avaiable on DE amazon and a certain audiophile site that ends with .fr (not sure if links are against forum rules)

Just link it.

I don’t think we have more rules than “don’t be a dick”

I’m new here and know some other forums don’t look well on newbies linking up products.

Anyway plenty of topping here has a lot in stock as well including K5 Pro and what I used for majority of my electronics (computer parts) on mainland EU.

Kinda bumping here but I’m in the same situation only I wanted a good portable dac/amp to pair with dt880. Does anyone know if ifi hip dac is enough or do I need more power like XD05 plus?

Another option is the Douk Class-A Dac/Amp not portable though :+1:

Those are some nice DAC/AMPs, but they are well over my budget. Aren’t they a bit of an overkill for my cans and (even is not) will some cheaper ones still do the job better than my onboard (ROG Maximus VIII Hero)?