Need an amp for subs help

I will be building 2x full martys with 18 inch ultimax sub drivers in a couple of months .
Most posts seem to like the crown 2502 or the nx600d.
Are the built in dsp’s in above amps good enough or should i also get a minidsp

what amp do you guys suggest ?

I had really good experince with the crest audio power amps especially the professional and the ca series, still have the 4801, if is for a permanent system are great amps but are pretty heavy if you want to carry them around about the dsp the ones inside the amps are not really great in my experience

Get a couple of these. Fully featured, infinitely customizable DSP.

What about a pair of XLS 1502?

I use crown xls 2502 for my subs. But you need a mini dsp because the crown can only do 30hz hpf. What reciever do you have? Some brands rca are too weak to power the crown even though the crown has the switch for rca power use. My yamaha couldn’t power the crown in either setting. I had to buy an ART cleanbox in order to get it to work. So add extra cost for mini dsp and possible cleanbox if your reciever can’t power the crown. I know yamaha and onkyo have weak rca power output. You could get the nx6000d and be done. Just need to do a fan mod because its extremely loud. The dsp on the nx6000d is good enough. I only went with crown because the nx6000d is know for quality issues down the road

The sub amp needs the LPF selected.
My XLS1000 has tons of different frequencies to select.
I use it for upper frequencies on a desk setup right now, I bypass because I’m 2.0 and the lowest HPF it allows me is 50hz, which is a tipple higher than I’d like and I don’t play particularly loud.

Have there been changes??