Need help: AKG K371, DT 770 Pro (or MMX 300) or TYGR 300R or something different?

I’ve been looking for new Headphones for Christmas, but I’ve been overwhelmed by all the options…

They should cost below 250€.

I would use them on my Desktop computer with onboard audio (MSI B450 Gaming PRO Carbon, Realtek ALC1220).

I’ll use them for listening to Music, casual gaming and occasionally watching movies

Preferred music genre(s): literally everything from classical music to mainstream pop music

Currently I use Superlux HD681 EVOs (32 Ohm, Semi-Open). I think for the price (30€) they are quite good, but they are a bit broken and the build quality is really shitty. And I’ve also got Bose AE2 Soundlink for when I’m on the go.

There aren’t many headphones I’ve used before, but I think I prefer if they are balanced or tend a bit towards more bass

They new headphones should also be very comfortable even if I wear them for longer periods (~4 hrs)

Currently I’m looking at the following headphones:

AKG K-371 / 361

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm - unfortunately these don’t have a removable cable (I’ve broken the cable of my current headphones 1-2 times in the last five years and i hate to solder on new cables)

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 - (I would add a ModMic to the other headphones)

Now I’ve also found the TYGR 300R. How does ithe Tygr compare to the Headphones above? I know that the TYGR is open while the others are closed backs. Are there any other Headphones that you could recommend for my use case? Due to COVID I can’t test headphones in person :frowning: .

Thanks in advance for any help!

Welcome aboard! I don’t have personal experience with any of the headphones you’ve listed, but we have a thread devoted to TYGR vs MMX 300 (although it quickly devolves into a lot of unrelated stuff, as usual).

The K361 and K371 have extra bass but unusually come back to neutral before the mid-range frequencies start. However, their build quality has been repeatedly reviewed as a bit iffy.

Another headphone I’d add is the new and hard-to-find-in-stock Sennheiser HD 560S (of course, we also have a thread on it). Early returns suggest it should be fine for gaming but should be especially appropriate for classical and pop due to its neutral sound signature.

While I don’t know anything about your particular desktop sound set-up, in general desktops have a problem with insufficiently shielded electrical interference between the various components diminishing sound quality. The many gaming enthusiasts on this forum may well know whether that would be true for your particular set-up. If so, you might be better allocating part of your budget to even a modest off-board amp+DAC unit and a slightly lower priced headphone, yet still end up with better sound quality.

Hey there welcome to hifiguides,

Theoretically you should be fine up to around I want to say some of the 300 ohm headphones but this is still pushing it. Highly recommend you get an amp later for the better sound quality.

to help you out make sure this is what your looking for here is the frequency response for your superlux image

Definitely on the bassier side

Harman Tuning no experience with 361 but 371 has rather neutral mids raised bass and a bit more raised in the treble than the rest of the frequency… it’s quite nice just never something I consider all that good for a gamer in my opinion. It’s one of those I would say is worth a try at the very least as it’s a very nice headphone for sure. smaller sized soundstage with good imaging, good on the seperation, could be better on detail retrieval

I am not quite sure how you are breaking your cables on headphones… DT 770 is best in it’s 250 ohm state but 80 ohm does work… it will have more bass, less clarity, and less refinement overall with a V signature so the vocals will be recessed. Very comfortable with a large soundstage and very accurate imaging, heavy on detail retrieval.

This is the DT 770 just turned into a gaming headset so an ever slightly different sound signature… your better off buying the 770 considering if you buy it off the used markets you can find a 770 for like $100(maybe even less) in mint condition

Tygr is potentially one of the better “warm” tuned gamer headphones. It’s imaging is laser accurate, it sounds like a set of speakers with it’s incredibly large soundstage, it’s a remake off the DT 990, It’s warm but the bass is tight and controlled making it well versed in both competitive and casual but also movies and music genres, your standard beyer comfort but to me it feels the pads may be a bit denser and theres less headclamp compared to other beyers as it’s designed for gamers, Signature is warm with an every so slight reduction in the mids along with a slight peak above neutrality in the treble making it sound a little like a V signature but nothing too overwhelming… I could call it a weird shape V signature or Warm but I would say it leans more towards Warm.

yeah this is quite neutral, if your looking for bass I would recommend skipping the 560s as it’s tuned bright neutral.

I can’t speak to the AKGs mentioned but I’ve sampled all of the Beyerdynamics you listed and the TYGR was by far the most comfortable for longer listening sessions.

AKG are quite comfortable and the pads are larger than beyers… both will work wonderfully for comfort.

Can you buy the TYGR 300 R (without the Mic) only on the Beyerdynamic Website? Because they are sold out on their Website. I think I’ll go than with the DT 770 Pro

yep, only can buy tygr by itself either through a 3rd party sale or directly from beyer.

I’ve had all of the and I think the TYGR is the way to go. It’s just a no brainer, because is is easy to drive and serves as an allrounder. It’s just so simple to use, you don’t need an amp/dac, no EQ and the cable lengh is just right. The other beyers are way more picky on their needs and usecases.
If you can’t go open tho, K371 has better tonal balance, but I’d still go for DT 770 because of soundstage & comfort. You do need an EQ tho.


depends on the persons motherboard or console, not all can drive it properly. MMX300 is the same demand as tygr for power