Need help choosing between the Meze 99 Neo and B&O H6

Recently I wanted to get a pair of warm closed backs for a decent price and it came down between the 99 neo and the B&O H6. I can either get the 99 neo’s new for 195 usd or a pair of used B&O H6 for 160 usd.
Any help is apriciated. I’d also like to hear your own opinion/impressions if you have or had one of these headphones.

I personally liked the meze more because I found them more comfortable and it had a very fun sound sig. The H6 had better detail and soundstage, but it was also a little more amp picky than the meze. Both are built about the same I think. If you want more fun the mezes are great, but if you want portability and a balanced sound the h6 might be what you want

Edit: both are warm, but the meze is very warm

Edit 2: but if you only have 1 or two headphones I’d go with the h6 since it’s more technically superior, I just liked the meze because it was a different sound signature


depends on what you listen to. if you listen to edm hip hop, trap, or if your just a bass head. the meze might be up your alley as they are tuned somewhat similarly to something like a sony consumer heapdhone, while the b and o have less boomy really tight bass awesome mids and smooth highs really good if you like hip hop as well just less fun but an awesome headphone if you want to listebnt o female vocals or music with more acoustic instruments. I like both equally.

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Def agree with this. The meze is what beats should have been. It’s like an enhanced version of the consumer bass heavy sound. The H6 are more portable because of their smaller design and lower profile, and more of a higher end sound tuning, definitely something more balanced

don’t get me wrong though both will play any music well. as they are both great headphones.

Thanks for the help, i really appreciate it. I decided to go with the B&O H6 since it’s praised more compared to the 99 neo’s and i was able to get it used for a good price.