Need help choosing wat to buy

Ey, im stuck between multiple things so I will just put it all here. Firstly im wanting to up my headphone/portable audio game and am gonna need an DAC/AMP. With my going out quite often for college im gonna need something portable so ive been looking at FIIO stuff and I like the looks for the FIIO M3 PRO, FIIO M5 and the FIIO M7 im leaning towards the M7 but im really unsure on what to get out of them all. I like the look of the M7 and it being higher range than the 3 and 5 im thinking it would be better and it is within price range.

As for some headphones or in ears im unsure on what to get really I was looking at the FH3’s but you cant seem to get them anywhere in the uk so thats them out of the window for now. I have been using the KSC75’s and absolutely love them. As I really enjoy something that can do highs really well but I would like a bit more bass so thats wat im going for really something that can do highs and lows really well. That would work well with the M7 most likely. I don’t really mind if its open or not but a closed back would probably be better for commuting and outside so I would lean towards closed back.

Also as for how I like it, I don’t really like things that are too clinical Id love some that just make music really enjoyable. Probably why I fell in love with Fyne Audio when I went for a demo. Insta fell in love and am gonna get some next year. I listen to anything from Classic rock to Vocaloid Screamo, lmfao. If u have any other things about preference please ask :smiley: these will be a xmas present for myself XD

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I have the FH3, I think they sound as if they could work for you, although I haven’t had mine very long.

Fiio’s German distributor will send to the UK for free (for orders over 49 EUR). Assuming you don’t have a card with free Euro payments, you could still pay via Amazon Pay or Paypal, then the currency fees probably won’t be too bad.

I don’t have a DAP to use them with yet, but the Hiby R3 Pro is on its way to me. That’s another option you could look at, although it seems to be a bit more expensive than the M7. It doesn’t run Android though, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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but these are DAPs … don’t you have a smart phone to use instead? If so, i’d suggest something like the FIIO BTR5 because you get more sound for the same price.

if you love the KSC75s and you want more bass, you should definitly try the legendary KPH30i. :wink:

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Yeah as I said I was looking at FH3 didnt know u could get from FIIO’s german place so will look into it :smiley:

Yes sorry my mistake for calling them DAC/AMP’s, Yes I was looking at DAPS as I like that I can have a device will all my music it on it. Seperately, also my phone atm doesnt really have enough space to hold all of the music I have. With a M7 could I not add the BTR5 to it in the future too? It just seems really cool having seperate things also u can use the M7 as a USB DAC which I think is really cool to say I dont have a desk one yet. I will also look at those KPH30’is as I really do love the KSC75s more than I thought I would.

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Sounds like you do want a DAP then. You wouldn’t need a BTR5 in the future with the M7 as it supports send and receive via Bluetooth (like most DAPs in this price range that I’ve seen) unless you need the microphone functionality of the BTR devices. Some DAPs will do AirPlay streaming as well if that’s your thing.

They’re pretty flexible units, these DAPs.

Sounds great, I just couldnt decide which one to get as the M3 PRO is newer and the M7 doesnt have any decent reviews from wat I could find. didnt look long But I guess Ill get that one. Its just cool to have something just for music :smiley: and as I said that USB DAC thing seems awesome to me. Until I invest in a desk setup its like a do everything haha

Looks like they dont sell the M7 anymore guess Ill see if I can get the M9

Take a look to the hiby R3 as portable Dac.
Headphones what are your Budget?

I have decided on the DAP already actually the urm FIIO M3 PRO seems right up my alley so Im gonna get that for the price it seems amazing to me especially the USB DAC mode. As for the Headphones around £100 so hence I was gonna get the FH3’s seen as everyone is raving about them. But down for suggestions

Hmm okay,
So i think the Beyerdynamic Dt 770 are the best for close and open dt 880 or Dt 990.

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Awesome will give them a look, As who says i cant buy more hehe. My dad just asked me what I want for xmas as I was basically given a rought budget so I want to keep to it. But could always buy these with my own money :smiley:
Better than asking for money, I think hehe.

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But yeah always fancied a Beyerdynamic look fuckin comfy and bet they sound as good or well as ive heard they do.

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Yes, you are not wrong to get in, there is hardly anything better in the price range.
And if something breaks, you can buy any spare part and replace it.
Later you can always change to something better.
Alternatively you can find Sennheiser on Massdrop.
You only have to register there to see the price, but there are open and not closed listeners, :wink:

Yeah sadly dont think u can get Massdrop in the UK :frowning:

Why would u think that?
It depends of the Drop product but Sennheiser’s should ok to “European” region.
Just click and order.

pretty sure ive checked before and they wouldnt ship here…

Well i usually do not believe people, specially when i have tested something before successfully.
When trying to order Elex headphones (or something else) in a country they DO NOT send… you cannot make this far in the order process. With UK, you can and you also to move to payment phase as well.

So should not be issues… don’t know what you have checked?

Hmm ok, Last i checked they didnt. Must do it now but damn £30 shipping. Id rather get the normal ones XD. But yeah Guess u can thanks :smiley:

For 2 headphones it’s 30$.
Other one is pre order and other one is available. 2 shipments 15$ + 15$.
Or about 11.60£. Not sure about the current rate. ~180£ give or take some for 6XX.
HD 650 right now is £298.00 in some webshop.

I thought it was worth it, with similar rates and save over ~100.
Except price was lower months ago. Total being 215$ delivered. :slight_smile:
Ordered actually 2 headphones of HD6XX… :laughing:

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