Need help choosing wireless headphones

I’m looking for wireless headphones that I can use while gaming/watching tv on the couch ,doing chores around the house, or being on the laptop. I mostly listen to edm and rock music, I recently bought the bose qc 35 II but I feel like it’s a little bit lacking. I’m not sure if I have them set up wrong but they don’t sound quiet. When on my note 10 I have to turn it up to max and still feels low. I don’t really play competitive games where I need sound to have zero lag, most of the time I’m listening to music while playing games like league or world of warcraft. Any help is much appreciated! Forgot to add my budget I would like to stay under $300

Hyperx flight

Hi thanks servedhot but I’m trying to avoid gaming headset plus I’m not sure these work with my phone

Check out zeos review they seem to sound rly good you can always check them out and see if you like, after his review they are the first ones that come to my mind when I think of wireless headphones.

Ok I’ll check out the review

Audeze Penrose fits your need IMO. I use the Audeze Mobius which is bluetooth + wired, mainly listen to EDM and acoustic stuff and it’s perfect for this. They have the same sound afaik.

If you don’t need the wired, the Audeze Penrose has 2.4Ghz connection and bluetooth. Use the 2.4 for gaming on your PC and the bluetooth to connect to your Note 10.

I haven’t heard any other “gaming” headset specifically except my Logitech G533 and the mobius is leagues above in sound quality over the Logitech. The Mobius is my daily driver, I also own Hifiman HE-560v1 and Fostex TH-900 but grab the Mobius the most.

Ill check this out too, what do you think of the hifiman deva I’ve been recommended those as well. Also should of mention I need something I can have on for 8 hrs plus

No idea on the Deva but now I am curious haha. Penrose are rated for 15 hours with 3 hours charge according to their website.

Found a comment from head-fi of an owner of both Mobius + Deva FYI hope this helps:

"Yes - have both - BT works on both perfectly (tested AAC and LDAC) except that those are very different beasts - First Deva is open and Mobius is closed then, Deva tuning is in direction of neutral and detail, Mobius is darker and more fun curve -unfortunately with Mobius do not expect bass to be anywhere near LCD-2C level - with warm preset you get a bit of LCD in-house tuning and bass slam but… Then there is the whole aspect of 3d and head movement tracking - it is just something out of this world - it takes 2-3 min to get used to in the beginning but if you spend half a day with this magic “on” then ANY other headphone will sound dull and boring in direct comparison - effect lasts for couple of minutes through ;]]] (that shows you how quickly our brain adapt) It is just incredible how well it is implemented - so if live recordings, movies, games are your thing then go for Mobius - if you just want to enjoy music in general DEVA.
Another thing to consider comfort and outdoor use - Deva is more comfortable but cannot imagine taking it outside, with Mobius my ears start to sweat indoors in about 90min after 3h it becomes very uncomfortable - maybe outdoor on a cold day it would be better.

edit: one more thing Deva is almost dead quiet - during quiet hours and critical listening you can detect a bit of buzz - during normal use I cannot hear anything! - Mobius started being buzzing nest of wasps ;] it become much better with never FW updates plus I have one of very first units (from KS campaign) apparently next batches were improved but I cannot comment - mine with newest FW is barely noticeable during normal use and only when no music is playing."

Cool ,thanks for looking that up! Wonder if I should try these out

Gonna be a tough one but there is options.

This gave me a laugh not gonna lie. So, Zeos positive reviews most things regardless… as for these? Cheap build quality, decent mic, big issues with the battery causing lots of rma, the bass bleeds pretty bad and is boomy, it’s not very detailed, bit of a w signature, relatively narrow soundstage, rather poor separation, round average imaging, poor timbre. It’s a very “fun” headset but not something I would deem very good. Only good if you get it for like $80

Sounds like your lacking power. Phones can only usually drive up to 32 ohms but that’s pushing really hard… also depends on other factors such as driver type.

This is just the mobius without the 3d and better wireless. It’s not bad but hard call on that

So you may need to research some on your own here in this budget. Drop panda is out of this budget and generally you want a wireless amp dac that will support low latency aptx-ll.

As for headphones you can look into… something like the m40x may fit you using the bluetooth adapter. Hifiman deva is bluetooth but I fear it may not have enough bass. Others with a single ended 2.5mm or 3.5mm detach cable can become wireless and connect to a low latency connection but it takes some research, otherwise your stuck in the headset market

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I though they were good because I’ve seen other members talking good about them

There not bad as far as headsets go. As far as wireless headsets they are quite good it’s just as far as comparing to a low latency wireless headphone… not much in terms of competition… I would take coolermasters mh670 over it honestly as it just sounds better plus the added equalizer is nice

Yeah definitely had a tough time choosing, not sure whats up with the bose headphones I have just not feeling them I guess going to return them for sure.

I went ahead and pre-ordered the Penrose and I think I will be putting them up against the Deva and see which ones I like more, Thanks for the help guys!!

Personally, i am using MW65 Headphones and its resutls are just amazing. You can try that too.

Also don’t forget to check out the grade gw100. They’re on ear and pretty small but sound pretty good from what I’ve heard others say

Did you use it?

Nah I don’t have it lol.but is reviewed very well