Need help, EQ is not working with a new dac

So, I bought fiio E10K, I plug my headohones and I can only change sound with the bass boost button, but the eq profile that I have on my pc equalizer doesn’t work anymore.
If I plug my headphones to my computer everything works fine and I can use my eq profiles.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Please tell which software you use as equalizer.

I think the driver of E10K bypasses the EQ. Foobar probably solves the problem.

Did you install peace apo to the new unit? You do have to do that when you get new hardware. Bring up peace look to the right you’ll see whatever current unit your using on the program. To the right of that you have the letter C this is the configurator. Make sure the new unit is configured to peace and restarted your pc

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Right now I mainly use program PC equalizer, but I also have peace program installed too…

Thank you so much it works now!

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