Need help finding a balanced 4-pin XLR adapter

Hi all,

I would like to see if it is somehow possible to connect the 6.3mm (or the 3.5mm) Jack of my headphones to a 4-pin balanced XLR input.
I was looking at some adapters, but the only ones I managed to find were Jack female to 3-pin XLR male … not 4-pin.

Does anyone know if this exists? If not, what other options do I have?


James aka brux off of HPGF will make you a very nice adapter to your requirements, just mail him :+1:

Sweet! I’ll definitely do that. Thank you, sir!

You physically can’t have this adapter, you can’t ground SE cord in any 4 contacts balanced connection. Even if you ground it manually outside the amp, half of the balanced circuitry just won’t do any job. And you also most likely will seriously damage your amp trying to implement this adapter in any form. I highly suggest getting balanced cord and SE adapter instead.

Ah… I somehow didn’t think of that.

I did just find this on eBay:


A female input for the TRS plug on my headphones, to a 4-pin XLR male output. But you’re saying that wouldn’t work and would actually damage the amp, correct?

Yes. This adapter is not balanced to SE, 2 pins are for the ground there. This thing will blow up your amp for sure.

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Just out of interest what HP’s are you trying connect?

There are adapters that convert 4 PIN out to SE headphones safely, they require more than just a Cable for most amps.
This would work

Actually that’s the wrong one
I think you’d have to get. 4pin XLR to dual 3 pin XLR adapter and possibly RCA to TRS, what you need is commonly called A line conditioner in the professional gear space.

There are cheaper alternatives and I think SBAF even had instructions to DIY one.
Overall quality though is heavily dependent on the quality of the transformers.
You can also hack something cheaper together with resistors.

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Alright, thank you very much for the warning!

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm. So with it not having a replaceable cable, I guess I will have to think of something else. The amp I’ve got my eyes on also has a SE output though, so there’s no real issue. I was just wondering if I could also make use of its balanced output since, after all, I’d be paying for it.

Thanks for the info, I learned something new! Unfortunately that would be almost as expensive as the amp I’m looking at, so, like I said, I’m probably going to have to just stick with the SE output until I get myself a balanced headphone at some point. But thanks again for the suggestion! I appreciate it.

Cool as ‘most’ good desktop amps even using the SE out should be able to drive the 770’s just fine, saying that you’ll have a tad more headroom using balanced though :+1:

Alternately if you’re so inclined you can Mod them so they’re balance…

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