Need help finding a rugged phone case for the Galaxy A70

the A70 has no water resistance at all and I live in the wettest place in Canada, so I need to find a waterproof case before I click order. I’m also a clutz, so need it to be drop-proof as well.

there are a number of cases that come up for the A70 saying they’re rugged…but no details on being water resistant, let alone proof…or that they will survive a drop or tumble down the stairs like the Otterbox Defender will protect from.


Something like this probably?

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yes…but that one isn’t waterproof, as the reviews share. it also muffles sound and isolates so that NFC can’t be used.

same story for the case by Feitenn as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing is that you can always search a perfect case first, then a it’s easier to fit a correct phone to that. :wink:

a weird thing…the A50 has an Otterbox Defender case, but the A70 does not. granted…Otterbox is not waterproof. but how odd!