Need help finding closed-back headphones that are compatible with the v-moda boom pro

I’m currently looking for closed-back headphones that have a single 3.5 mm connector to use with the v-moda boom pro. I listen to edm, hip-hop, rock, and classical music. Budget is around $200 but prices maybe different where i live. I also like bass, maybe a v-shaped sound, and i enjoy being able to hear and feel explosions in games or movies. I’ve been thinking of getting the WS990BT’s from Audio Technica, but there are not many reviews of it out there so I’m not really sure if the sound quality is great. I’ve heard they sound like the MSR7’s, but with a little bit more kick in the low end and smoother treble. Oh right, also forgot to mention that wireless would be great, but it isn’t a must. Maybe the 1000xm3’s from sony? Or the xb900n’s? Also i have the sony xb950n1’s but they aren’t compatible with the boom pros despite having a single 3.5 mm connection. Something similar to those would be nice. I’ve also heard that the 1more triple drivers are good for movies, but im not sure if they have enough bass for my preference. Is there a way to increase the bass with an eq software? Also, is it true that you need a good amp to power those cans? If so, will the shanling up4 be enough? Thanks in advance!

I don’t mind boomy sounding headphones too, in fact i might prefer them since they make movies and games more exciting.