Need help finding good guides!

I’m saving up currently to buy my dream “home theater” setup but having a lot of issues doubling back and not actually knowning whether or not everything we smoothly fit in to place or even work. Wondering if anyone could link a guide or articale that goes into detail about setting up external amplifiers to dacs and speakers so on and so fourth. Context: KEF Q350 + Emotiva S8 Sub + Crown XLI800 + Topping E30 (my room isn’t very large so 8inch - 10inch sub would be good enough.) I don’t know how I would set that all up as I’m not well versed in more tv side of the audio genre. Any advice would be greatly appreicated! P.s Any suggestions on how I could change what I’m looking at going for (equiment) is very welcome!

One more thing for anyone who might stumble across this, I’m from australia so my options are a little bit limited in what I have access to buy and such things alike.

You can use RCA Y splitters to make what you have above work. You would come from your TV fiber optic out into the E30, then RCA split out of the E30 to go to the Subwoofer and Crown. The Sub has a crossover that will only play the sounds below a certain frequency and ignore the rest. You would want to set this to where you speakers start playing sound with minimal overlap.

If you changed subs to a unit that had Hi in / Hi Out (speaker terminals like on the back of the S8 you have but an output) you could wire it differently and have more control with the crossover on the sub.

You could also change to a different DAC with a subwoofer out on the DAC. It should then have a crossover setting in the DAC you could set to gain more control. This is nice if you want the sub to extend a bit farther and have the speakers take over for the low mids on up.

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Wow, this is actually really helpfully thank you so much this is definitely going to make things easier. I appreciate you taking the time to explain this thanks so much!!