Need help finding the best PLANAR's I can get for $350

The title says it all, but I am looking for Planar’s only. The sound they make, makes me so happy. Looking for ones $350 and below. I am not rich, I don’t have a lot of money. These will be my endgame headphones. I don’t like difficult modding, I’ll go as far to remove a metal backplate and foam. I was looking hard at the Verum One’s but I don’t trust the QC really and I don’t want to wait 9 months to get them. Any recommendations are welcome. I have owned and loved the He 4XX but had to send them back because they were defective. I am looking for fun planars with good imagining and soundstage.

If you wouldn’t mind another planar from hifiman, the sundara’s are pretty great for that price. The modhouse argon mk3’s are also really nice, but have a brutal (to me at least) wait to get them. The fostex T60rp might be an alternative to the argons

I’m sure people are going to mention the Thieaudio phantoms, but I have not heard these personally, so I can’t really comment on that

I don’t like any of the Fostex mods, this might anger people but I find the planar in them to just not be the best, no matter the amount of modding. But are the Sundara’s a big upgrade from the He 4XX? I have been looking at the Thieaudio phantoms but Z and DMS gave completely different reviews of them so that confused me.

The phantoms are a mixed bag it seems, as there are people who enjoy it stock, people who say modding is needed for full potential, and those who dislike it altogether.

The sundara is a upgrade in detail and imaging, and about similar in soundstage, although better with spacial awareness. It is brighter then the 4xx though.

Also I would agree that with the fostex t50rp mods, you really aren’t getting the full benefits of planar, as there’s only so much that small driver can do.

From what you have said about the sundara’s is that it is a great everything headphone, from gaming to music. I mostly game so that might be the one. Thanks for the reply M0N. I am still taking any recommendations. I am not in any time crunch.

It is very good for imaging so I don’t think it would be a let down for gaming. I didn’t get to game with it when I heard it, but I think it would be more then fine.

Also just curious why does it have to be planar? It’s going to limit your options

Also another thing to ask is would you mind buying used? You could score a good deal if you look for one

Edit: although even then imo you would have to take a large price jump to get better then the sundara

I love the sound planar gives, it just sounds so different, I already own Master & Dynamic MH40 - didn’t like them, Philips SHP9500 - love them, Philips Fidelio X2 - Like them, HyperX Could Revolver S - love them, HyperX Cloud 2 - like them, turtle beach z22 and px22 - liked them and Monoprice Modern Retro - Don’t really use them. So I feel I have heard all their is to really hear for my ears when it comes to dynamics. And again I just love the way planars sound, their is just something different, maybe the way the driver just pumps out a wave of sound that is massive and fills your entire ear.

Fair enough. If you are really lucky, perhaps check out and see how cheap you could find a used LCD 2 classic or regular LCD2 or hifiman ananda or edition xx, as I would see those as the next step up to the sundara

I don’t mind used but I still do have a fixed price range of at max $350, If I was to jump any higher in price I would most likely get the massdrop Koss ESP/95X and call it a day. But I know nothing about electostats and think I should just stick to planar recommendations for $350 and below.

The koss are pretty nice as well, but lack the bass slam/impact of planars being the main difference in my mind vs the koss

Yeah, you would really have to search for a good deal tbh

I really love the speed and the bass slam that planars give, that is another reason for me wanting a planar.

Do you have any idea on the hyperx cloud orbit s, because these my be my winners since I mostly game

They are essentially the audeze Mobius without wireless, so they will be pretty good in that regard. I don’t think they are on the detail level of the sundara, but for gaming it’s probably one of the best gaming headsets out there atm (that isn’t really expensive)

if you can find them, the Brainwavz Alara’s are supposed to be really good. Z said they’re one of the most fun headphones he’s listened to.

Joshua he disagree lol…

I personally wasn’t impressed by the alara, and also thought the comfort was off, but it’s also something to look into for sure.

Even though this might sound kinda strange, I liked the sound of the quad version more. It has a different tuning that I can’t put my finger on

Not all planars have slam/impact if you mean speed and air quantity moved (piston effect). It generally takes (very) large membranes moved by dual-sided magnets to produce that kind of slam, which is why Verums can do it but most other cheap open-back(!) planars can’t. BTW, if you have such a set-in-stone price limit you should also mention what country the headphones will be delivered to, as that could change the recommendations quite a lot.

Also yeah I agree that not all planars can slam, but many can make the illusion of doing so with the speed of the driver. But once you hear the real punch it’s hard to listen to others

Also comparatively, I would say that most planars are able to deliver more punch vs the koss regarding low end.