Need help fixing headphones(akg 712)

Left channel went out so I took them apart. Found the the yellow wire became detached and looks as if the white wires could follow in the future. I have zero experience fixing this type of problem. Help is needed and appreciated.

Time for a soldering iron, :wink: It shouldnt be too big of a fix. Do you know where it seperated from?


Lead-Free solder strikes again :neutral_face:

For reference:

From that document:
(Re = Rechts/Right, Li = Links/Left)

So by the looks of it, the wire came loose on the driver, not the connector. Have never taken mine apart, but as per service manual, should be doable.

Quick how-to-solder refresher:

  1. Add flux to parts you want to solder
  2. Heat the parts, not the solder
  3. Add solder to heated parts and soldering iron
  4. Take away the iron and let it cool down (no blowing on the joint)
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Is there a certain type of metal i need?

As in solder wire?
Any tin based solder will do, (Sn99 Cu1 or SN96 Ag3 Cu .7 just to give two common examples).

Something like this

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Going out today to buy a soldering iron. It made me realize now i could try out some diy/mod stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Fixed it. Listing intensely on the left channel made me forgot how wide these get hahaha

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Custom cable building can be fun, depending on the quality of the connectors you get.

Nice :smiley:

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