Need help for audio setup issue

hi, im a noob in audio gear and i can’t find solution to fix my audio

here my gear:

  • asus orion pro
  • cooler master mh752
  • audio technica ATH-M40x

i always used realtek (alc862) audio and all was fine but the audio of my motherboard bacame very low and flat so i bought a new motherboard with the same audio chipset but the result was the same muffled audio and low, so i bought a other motherboard with realtek alc1220-vb and headphone amp but the audio was still crap

i tryed using a pci audio card (creative sound blaster) and the external audio cards of my asus orion / cooler master but the audio is full of static noise

so i was wondering with an external dac/amp can bring back my audio but i fear there are static noise if i buy one ( my buget for external dac/amp or sound card is ~100euro)

sorry for the bad english

Take a look at the Schiit Fulla 3.

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Despite onboard audio not being as shit as it was 10 years ago, it is still shit.

Windows10 thinks it is realy clever, but I find that checking this box buried in the WinVista-era sound settings helps a lot:

You could use something like the SMSL M3 and hook it up via Optical, which would work arround any sort of ground loops or static caused by USB power from your computer.

thanks for the help i already disable audio effect and i have an optical S/PDIF out connector on my mobo so optical one will work

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hallo which one you prefer for music? m40x or mh752?
thank you

I use my Asus Orion when i whant juge bass and m40x when i need clear sound, the mh752 is kind of too flat so i use it only for gaming
I also use the Asus Orion/m40x for watching lot of anime
So I need a good balance between dialogue and ost

thank you :smiley: