Need help for what iem’s to buy

I am in the market for iem’s, and with the research I have done so far, I have narrowed it down to the Ikko oh10’s or the TFZ no. 3. I am a bass head and want the most bass possible without it overpowering the mids and highs. I don’t want to spend more than what the oh10’s cost, so it would be great for someone to recommend which one I should get (or another recommendation).

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I have the oh10s and there absolutely fantastic they have a very good low end but doesnt over power your highs or mids and they will shock you with the amount of soundstage they have for an iem there very immersive i personally love listening to some dead mouse and lindsey stirling here and there and i enjoy them tons

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I will say i have only listened to oh10s and tin t2s so the only thing i can really compare them too is my tin t2s there alot more relaxed and have a more impacting bass but doesnt skip in clarity,mids and highs as i dont aways listen to very bass heavy music alot and still enjoy the mids and highs

Remove the no.3 it is quite bad overall.

Replace it with the Tingker TK200. Cheaper but still better in almost everyway while keeping the bass quantity, except it also has quality which the no.3 doesnt have.

For the most sub bass you can get in a clean way the OH10 are something to consider. Along with the Xelastec tips it’s painful to me. If you want just a touch less, with a touch more speed I’d suggest as an alternative to look at the FH3. I suggest the OH10 as the first option since that was my journey and it’s something to experience, but,know that the FH3 is close and may be a preference thing.

Ok, thanks for all the replies. I think I will get the oh10’s😁

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Thanks for your thoughts comparing the FH3 and OH10. Now I have a better understanding of their differences. I’ve heard from others the FH3 and OH10 are very similar tuned and both are good options for bass lovers with the OH10 having more slightly more quantity of bass and the FH3 having slightly less bass but faster more controlled bass.

Sound about right?

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Yea they are very close in bass but I think thats correct. They are more different in upper mid energy and lower treble etc. I think that the FH3 is cleaner and less strained due to having 3 drivers instead of 2, But it does have slightly less air and the stage is smaller.

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When in doubt and you need more saving as well but getting that all around kickass sound with a fun sound signature that also has good bass? I would just go for the BLON BL03s.

Cable replacement and ear tip replacements will make that IEM much more beautiful in terms of looks and it’s only like 30$ and hell they sound better overall than my Shure IEMs. Just a suggestion though, there might be other options that you prefer more than the BLONs.

I think the Ibasso IT00 might be a better rec instead of the 03.

When you buy the cables and tips, the cost is much closer to the price of the IT00.

Yeah probably, but I am not much of a bass head myself but I am just one guy who suggests an IEM that might help someone. It’s up to him overall on what he will buy and it’s not me that’s for sure.

yeah, here are my recs for someone that wants bass quantity and quality:

Tingker TK200
Urbanfun ISS014 (QC problems so not really recommended)
Ibasso IT00
Fiio FH3
Tin Hifi P1 ( WITH EQ + AMP!!!)

These are stuff I own, cant really recommend stuff I havent heard…

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Yes, I love the P1s wish one day I could get one of those but not anytime soon, for I already just bought the Moondrop Starfields and man I love those for they are the improved version of the T2s.

Then again, the P2 seems to be close to release so might be unwise to rec the P1 right now…

Absolutely! The Blon BL-03 is an amazing little IEM! I love the sound of the Blon especially with AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC tips. I do not think it should be ranked as S tier (as BGGAR has it rated) but for 26 dollars, it’s incredible value.

If you want to upgrade the cable with one specifically designed for the Blon and also lets you select your preferred termination, take a look at this…

You guys know my rec for best bass. :wink: The price is just insane too.

I owned the OH10 for a bit. The fit and sound were both perfect for me. Cable was insulting but easily replaced. But the unit itself suffered with issues within two weeks, returned it for a refund for that reason.