Need help getting a decent pair of speakers (URGENT)

I have never had any kind of speakers before. I don’t know what I should choose. I would be using them mainly for music, with a bigger focus on bass. BUDGET IS 300 €
Black Friday is still around in my country and I don’t know for how long.
Right now the Wharfedale Crystal 4 packet 5.0 seems like a steal since it’s at 50% off.

Isn’t black friday on the 27th of November?
I am in europe and it is basically the whole week to the 27th November (I think…)

Yes, in the US. I am not in the US. Black Friday isn’t only on friday here. It’s weird, I know

Thanksgiving american holiday. The time to offload inventory.

urgent? buy them with express shipping! :smiley:


Do you have an amp?

For 300 you can get better stereo than the crystal series.
If you want them for music, you don’t need 5 speakers.

The kef q350 for example should be in the budget.
Or a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 230.

No, I don’t

Don’t I need an amp to run any of those 2?
Si buna ziua domnu’ Cristian:)

Do you have a receiver or something with an amp in it? Without a source that is able to provide the current etc you won’t have much sound coming out of speakers.
Yes those both should be passive speakers.

Salut :wink:

You need and amp for any passive speakers. Including the Crystal series.
For amp included in the speakers you need to look at “active” speakers.
Edifier is a good option for active speakers in the home, like the S2000.

You could also get something like the Diamond 220/225 and find a used amp, depends on what you are looking for.

I don’ have any amp or receiver. If you could recommend me one which fits my budget that would be great

What about the Audioengine A5+? They don’t need an amp and they are at a good price. Are they any good?

Do you have anything to drive them off? you are going to need at least some audio source.
Getting a two channel receiver or amp isn’t hard but five channels for the price would be a real black friday miracle (looking at the wharfedale crystal 5.0 you mentioned).
Are you happy with stereo? or stereo with sub?
Then someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to help

I pretty much ignored that Whaferdale deal I mentioned because it’s not actually what I need. I thought they were, but after I did some digging around, I realized that they were designed for TV and not for pc. I also need an amp to drive them.
I don’t know if you understood what I said there, I’m all over the place. Long story short, I won’t be buying them, I don’t need them.
And yes, to answer your question, they are in my budget (right now, they cost 307 euros).

Take your time and think it through. It’s not a small investment and black friday is not that big of a deal for hifi audio. You can find good deals later on if you follow the trends and even the used market.

But first you need to decide on what you need and want.