Need help making a decision

Really wanting a good pair of open back headphones for my late night XBOX single player gaming sessions. I play in my office while the family is asleep and usually use the TV speakers for single player games or my Arctis 7x or Razer Kaira for multiplayer with my pals.
I don’t really have a budget in mind… but I’d say MAX $230. I have owned the SHP9500 in the past and used a V-Moda BoomPro With them… they were pretty dang solid, but the ear cups were too shallow (rubbed my ears) and they bled into my mic really badly. Also looked at the HD599.
NOTE: these will be powered through the controller so lower ohms please.

Anyonr know if the controller will run 38X? Seems like an easy pick if so

I think the Xbox controller can push anything around 50ohm.

If you hunt around and find it works thats the easy choice imo

The 38x are like 32 vs the 37x 50 and they work fine on Xbox one controllers. So should be fine. Thanks for the recommendation.

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i think 38x are 28ohm and high sensitivity so they get pretty loud if you want. the shp9500 doesn’t get loud enough on a controller at 32ohm if you ask me and honestly the pc38x gets louder than everything i’ve ever tried on a controller. if you’re not going external amp or mic pc38x all the way. if you want a little warmer, go pc37x or game one, they’re quite a bit cheaper too.

definitely don’t really recommend this honestly as most of the headphones are not going to be properly powered through that… would say just get the pc38x at that point.

errr wut? warmer? no… this definitely isn’t accurate… the pc37x has less bass tones than 38x. Also shown by the FR charts on drops page for 38x comparing the two.

also can confirm… 9500 does not get full powered from controllers

Ya know what, I was totally going from memory and I had mine EQ’d. That’s definitely my mistake lol.

I ran the SHP9500 from my controller for over a year no issue. Just wasn’t a fan of the rubbing of my ears and the mic bleed.

I even went step deeper and used HD6XX from controller.
Audio comes out, win. :slight_smile:
Still using Game Ones and 9500 sometimes. Everything is dandy.

nice. I have been looking at the Sennheiser HD 599 or getting the 9500s again and swapping the pads or trying the 9600s out. I only play single player games so I don’t know… something like the Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR might be better for me. I usually just play single player and chat with some friends… and the SHP9500 with VModa bled pretty bad into my voice chat.
The Philips Audio Fidelio L2 also intrigue me…

I am thinking of trying the Superlux HD668B and swapping the ear pads. They are cheap and seem they would be “immersive” than the SHP9500 for single player gaming.

the 6xx is 300 ohms and 9500 is 32 ohms but at 101 db sensitivity. While audio may come out and in the case of 9500 it may get a bit on the louder side… neither are fully driven(especially not 6xx)… loud does not = fully driven headphone… it will work but the full sound signature will be missing to a certain degree… we recommend amps here for that particular reason as the consoles audio codecs are quite honestly horrible and worse than older motherboards that were created well before the consoles came out.

Edit: though I cannot speak on the new gens… they seem to have a much better audio codec even having claims of driving 250 ohm beyers(older drivers… harder to get loud and fully driven)

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Thanks for the info. I just have no care or means to use anything but the controller to power them. I am looking at the Philips Fidelio L2 and Superlux HD668B. Big price difference, but I am trying to get the most immersive single player experience. I don’t really want a big bassy sound but I also don’t want negative bass like the SHP9500 @Falenkor

the bass is a bit overwhelming on the L2 so I wasn’t a fan… definitely would recommend that superlux over the L2 less you can get an X2HR in which I would definitely just say those… pretty sure x2hr is like… $80 these days maybe even cheaper

to help that out



last one is x2hr

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Thanks for the reply and help. DO you think there is a better option for $120 or under for single player only gaming. NO music or movies or multiplayer.

without an amp… more than likely not least not that comes to my mind but it depends on what sound you look for of course… that’s close to the 58x jubilee price tag which is a fantastic slightly warm yet neutral headphone, x2hr is in there, 38x, that superlux is in there, technically the beyers are in that price range if you buy used… but I am not positive if the 32 ohm versions can run off that controller(more than likely not).