Need help picking up a living room 2.0 speaker system

I am trying to figure out between Jamo C 95 II and KEF LS50 for my front speakers for a 14’ by 16’ living room with an 8’ (diagonal ) opening at one of the corners where the left side speaker would go to a 10’ by 10’ room. My max budget is around $800 USD and I am open to suggestions.

jamo’s will be cheaper. what is your amp you are using? the kef’s can be picky and need a lot of juice. if you are going 2.0, the jamo’s will dig lower as well.

the jamo’s will sound “smoother”, while the kefs will be a chunk more detailed. some find the kef sound to bright, some find jamo’s to laid back.

jamo = more relaxed chill sound
kef = detailed tight sound.

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I am going to buy a receiver I am looking into Danon or Yamaha. So its going to be somewhere between 90 and 100 Watts per channel. I am looking to eventually expend to a full 5.2 but as for now its going to be a 2.0. I am trying to fill the room correctly for a movie/TV and music 60/40 % split

have you thought of looking for a good deal on used speakers so you can get better room filling sound?

If i get KEF it will be used for around 750 pair

okay…so it’s not an if / or situation…you’re open to buying used gear if there is value in it.

yes, I am just trying to stay within a certain budget. I do like z’s review of the two speakers or should I say the smaller brother of the Jamo and the KEf speakers that is why i put those two down in my question and price-wise they seem in my max range but I do want quality for my front end setup.

well, the LS50 have a good chance of being enough…but they’re not really meant to fill a large space. they’re not as anemic as the LSX are…but hey, you gain experience and $750 is a darn good price!

do you have a sub? having one will really help with filling your space with sound.

I dont have a sub yet and as for the LS50s I was thinking the passive once not the active speaker

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yes, the LS50. they are passive. the smaller LSX are powered, but meant for nearfield.

ok, if you have any other speaker ideas for the room size I am open for other people’s opinions

Triangle borea br03’s have nice bass for a two channel and are front ported for easy placement… imo they have really good imaging so they should be nice for movies… I use mine for music and they’re pretty nice and a little forward from neutral

They’ll also fill your room np and actually are nicer when the volume is turned up a bit

Also consider elac debut reference and klipsch rp600m

thank you very much for the information. I will take all in consideration. I am not sure tho that triangles are in my price range unless I get used

Np… the br03’s are $750 in Canada… could be more for you though

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There is the powered and wireless versio also on LS50. Bonkers more $ than normal ones.

Speaking of passive LS50, there was some guy selling 3 units, with 240$ each on local sale site.
They where sold in few hours after the post. Super cheap…

That is super cheap. I wonder if anyone else would sell them as cheap.