Need help setting up SHP9500 with what I have on hand

so in my possession I have

  • MH752 with the little DAC
  • SHP9500
  • Astro Mixamp Gen 1

My motherboard does not have an optical audio port so I cannot use the Astro Mixamp presets or dolby etc

My current setup is, whichever headphone I am using at the time, I plug into the MH752 DAC thing

should I be plugging something into the Astro Mixamp or no?

I was looking at the Syba Sonic DAC’s (the silver one and the newer black one) but am not sure either is needed to drive either headphone

newer black syba sonic

older white/silver syba sonic

my usage varies from serious gamer to casual gamer to media enjoyer.

any help appreciated


you could probably get a cheap hdmi audio extractor and it would most likely have an optical out so you could use the mixamp.