Need help - SMSL M300 DAC and Windows 10 Bitrate issue

Owner of an M300 DAC.
Using Windows 10, SMSL XMOS Driver 4.67 and Fubar2000 v.1.5. Connected via USB 3 port and SMSL-supplied cable.

PROBLEM: I cannot get the DAC to recognize and display the bitrate of the file being played.
I am using a 44.1K MP3 and a 192K FLAC file for sources. Fubar indicates the correct file bitrates The M300 DAC only displays the Windows > Sounds > Device Properties > Additional Device Properties > Advanced > Default setting. I can manually change that via Windows settings to any bitrate desired.

Is there a magic configuration setting that will pass the bitrate Fubar sees to the M300 and change the display? A little help, please.

You need to use the WSAPI plugin, and select one of those devices in the playback options in Foobar.
Otherwise it’s going through the windows mixer.

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Yes, if you want the dac to adjust it’s bit depth and the sample rate for bit perfect playback, you need to install the smsl xmos drivers and use either asio or wasapi in foobar

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Thanks. Had the XMOS driver, but not the WASAPI component.

Thanks. Had the XMOS driver, but not the WASAPI component. Seems to have done the trick.

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