Need Help to configure Peace Equalizer for Warzone

I’m playing warzone a lot and I want the perfect sound. I want to pin point enemies and want to hear them clearly and where they coming from. If someone have a very good settings for warzone that would be great. To be honest, I think it will take time to come up with good equalizer since it will need a lot of testing.
I’m using the following:
Headphones : Ether CX

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

This is all you need honestly:

Thanks Joost, I will take a look at this video.

Issue with this is that eq will be set different depending on headphone and overall setup topped with the fact we hear differently. There is no one size fit all in this case. However he is correct for the most part. Upper mids and certain treble frequency is where you find fps sounds.

Also keep in mind that Warzone doesn’t really have that pin-point sound. At least in a lot of scenarios, in my experience verticality is bad in this game. I am pretty sure many agree that this game doesn’t get that great for tracking enemies with sound.

Yeah this is dependent on 3 factors:

  • Headphone
  • Game
  • Personal hearing (more of a minor factor here imho)

He does explain those pretty well in the video imho. The video is a tool how to figure out what you need. For my headphones, I could just copy paste his EQ. But if you have another game or headphone you need to use his guide and figure the best EQ for you.

For the Ether CX you might want an even stronger bump in the 100-200 range, since the headphone seems to have a small dip in that area Mr Speakers Ether C is a World Class Sealed Headphone Page 2 |