Need help to decision

Ifi nano idsd bl and jds atom which one is better to buy? I’m going to buy used it not too different

Do you already have a DAC? The Atom is just a stand-alone Amp. The idsd bl is both dac/amp all-in-one.

I have xduoo xd-05 can it be dac?

Yes, it has a line out. If you have the xd05, I don’t really see a reason to get the nano bl, as I think it’s going to be somewhat similar to the xd05

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So should i buy jds atom i use with computer a lot

Yeah, you could run line out from the xd05 to the atom, should work just fine. What headphones did you decide on going with btw?

I’m using hd660s right now

Yeah you should be fine then imo

So if i have xd-05 should i buy dac or amp in your opinion

Personally, I think you should actually be just fine with the xd05, and don’t really need an amp or dac upgrade

The Xd-05 sounds real good with HD660. If you are really in the mood to spend some money buy new OP amps for the XD-05 and see if you like the sound better. I did that and love my little amp now, I like the difference in the sound signature. Sounds sweeter and warmer to me which happens to work well with the Senns.

Burson V5 op amps sound pretty good in the xd05 :+1: