Need help to find headphones for gaming Budget 100€ Italy

As i said in the title i’m looking for headphones that i can use to play games on my pc and sometimes ps4, i mainly play rainbow six siege CS GO and other fps games. I already have a kenwood krf-5300d that i could use with them but i don’t know if it can power headphones properly. This pair of headphones would be the first real pair that i’m buying because in the past i only used earphones that i found in my smartphones box. At the start i was oriented to open ones but i don’t really know the difference between open and closed. Any recommendation is really welcome.

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Headphones come in 2 “sizes”:

  • On-ear, the ear-cushion sits on your ears
  • Over-ear, the ear-cushion sits around your ear

And three “systems”:

  • Open back, the cups are designed in such a way sounds from your surroundings can easily reach your ears. These typically have a flatter frequency response.
  • Semi-open, the cups somewhat limit ingress of noise from your surroundings
  • Closed Back, the earcups block most of the surrounding noise. Typically closed back headphones have more bass.

AKG K-240 should work for you. Has been a long while since I had a pair on. From what I remember they do a great job with mids (the main part where music/sounds happen). Bass is on the light side, meaning there is not a lot of it. Depending on your tastes in music, this could be a deal breaker.

In case you need a microphone aswell, HyperX Cloud II come to mind. I don’t have hands on experience with them. A friend had them and only replaced them when he stepped up his audio game.

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thanks mate!
I mainly need headphones for competitive gaming and not too much music. The akg one here in italy is at 50€, i planned to spend 100€ and i don’t mind spending them all :smiley: so if you have any other recommendation even more expensive than the akgs feel free to leave it XD edit: i forgot to write my preferences: i like them over ear and i wold like a good imaging and soundstage

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That is how I fell into the rabbit hole that is the audio hobby.

If it was not so hard to drive, the AKG K-612 may work. I have the big brothers to the K-612’s, the AKG K-712, hve not used them for FPS games (since I don’t like FPS :stuck_out_tongue:)

Edit: What do Audiotechnica ATH-AD500x cost? Those may need the “rubber band” mod to stay at the right hight, can be powered from onboard sound and tick all your requirements.

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Do you think I could connect the akgs to my Kenwood krf-v5300d which has a headphone plug?
The audio technica would cost 160€ which is way more than I can spend

It may work.
I don’t have any experiene with Kenwood outside of the aftermarket car stereo my grandfather had.

Oh i see. Thanks for your help!

I can personally tell you that the hyper cloud II and cloud alpha aren’t bad but the microphone will never in a million years stop picking up sound from the headphones without a noise gate. Even at like 50% volume the mic hears it. It’s a hard pass. Sound isn’t horrible but there’s not much soundstage.

How much is the beyerdynamic tygr in italy ? In germany its the best gaming headset at around 110 euro

On Amazon Italy is unavailable, I checked and the other eu Amazon but I can find only the “combo” with the mic

you cannot find tygrs separately through amazon… to buy them separate it has to be third party or directly from beyer. Why beyer markets them like this is beyond me, but just how it is

Oh, I see. I checked beyer’s site and they’re unavailable, on Thomann they don’t exist and I don’t know any website that could possibly sell them in Italy but I’ll keep searching

damn ok seems out of stock