Need help upgrading from a monoprice M570

I’ve been using the M570 with the JDS Labs atom for the past 9 months and I really like this setup, but recently I saw the M1070, and that made start looking for more headphones. my question is if the M1070 is worth the 400$ upgrade from what I already have. if not what headphones are worth the upgrade?
Maybe upgrading amp, but I’m pretty satisfied with my current amp, but if there’s a better one that’s not too expensive then, please if you have a recommendation.
My budget is 600$

(edit) I forgot to mention that I’m looking for open-back headphones, and the budget for the amp is 250$.

(edit 2) I decided to upgrade my amp instead.

I have not heard the M570… but I have heard the Blon B20. So assuming those are close…

The M1070 is a very different headphone. To my ears it is “relaxed” to the point of soporific… do not like. Other words that come to mind for me are the cliches “veiled” and “distant.” But ymmv… depending on what sort of change you’re looking for from the M570? (I am not in step with the reviewers I’ve seen on the M1070, I’m just a random stranger on the Internet)

Try the HiFiMan HE400i or the HiFiMan Sundaras. I have heard those are pretty good and it seems with your current budget you can cover either of the two.

If you wanted anything about the M570 to be different, what would it be?

I had the M1070, and while I really enjoyed it, the build quality without upgrading the headband was not what I wanted, and ultimately upgraded to an LCD-2. I’ve also had the HE4XX, but not the Sundara, and if the Sundara is an upgrade to the 4XX, I might point you that direction as well. I don’t know, however, that it’s a huge upgrade from the M570 unless you got one of the pairs with ringing issues. Hifiman has its own QC issues, though…