Need help with an audio setup for 300$

Hello. As the title suggests I need help with picking out some headphones (preferably something bassy). I tried using the guide on this site but I’m kinda overwhelmed with choices and don’t know what it get. I used to have the dt 770 pro and I loved those. My budget is around 300-350$ but I can go a little higher if need be. I have a desk mic so that’s no problem. I like really wide soundstage. I’ll be using these mostly for gaming and some music on the side. I honestly have no idea if I should get an amp/dac or of using just the headphones would be fine. Closed back would be ideal but I’m fine with open back.

closed back… really wide soundstage well thats rather conflicting… you just don’t find much in this regard till you get rather high in the price brackets honestly. I mean, a bassy step up would probably be like Argons, Emu Teak, and Fostex Th-x00(ebony, purple heart, mahogany. Less you get lucky and find one at a great price within your budget, I would say your better off just saying with the 770s at that point if you enjoyed them… If you wanted more bass on a 770 just swap the pads to a leather or suede

regardless of any setup… an amp/dac will always be a benefit to your sound quality.

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