Need help with DDC's for future setups

Wondering if these 3 are compatible (in order)? :
SingXer SU-2 – DSD1024 USB Digital Interface Femto second clock Interface – PCM 768k, HDMi i2s DDC, ARM Processor | Kitsune HiFi - HoloAudio USA

Soncoz SGD1 – Linsoul Audio

A700 (Pre-order) – Buchardt Audio

I believe the Buchardt speakers break the DDC and DAC rules for you. Anything you put into the Buchardt analogue will be converted back to digital and processed with the internal DAC and DSP. So it’s pointless to put re-clockers and high end DACs in the chain.

The A500 and A700 are not your typical powered monitors.

how do I get the usb signal from my pc into the a700s then?? balls

I suppose i’ll just use that dac straight out of my pc into the a700s, oh well

They are wireless, it’s assumed you use something like this transmitter

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I try to stay away from wireless as much as I can :<

Edit: fuck it, wireless it is

hijacking this thread, can anyone tell me how much “upgrade” there can be between your basic entry-level Douk or similar products and the more expensive things like the Singxer SU-6 SPECIFICALLY when it comes to transferring bit-perfect S/PDIF signal from my PC to my active speakers (with no middle-man)?
IS it true that ‘digital is digital’ or not?

I know more money equals more features, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the quality of the S/PDIF signal between the various options on the market