Need help with headphones for £300 or under

Hello there,

I recently bought the schiit magni and modi stack with the Beyerdynamic DT 880 600ohm and had issues with the one earcup hurting my ear and the sound not being the best for gaming or at least not the best for what I wanted so I had to return them. Could you give me any recommendations on a headphone primarily used for gaming and music, please? My current headset that I want to upgrade from is the Sennheiser pc37x. Directional audio is key as I want to hear footsteps clearly in-game but also don’t want the rest of the game to sound terrible just for footstep audio. The main games I play are CSGO and Warzone and music-wise I listen to a bit of everything. Thanks

look up the HiFiMan HE0400 series…there are several variants and they’re quite good for gaming, and music.