Need help with my setup

Ok so I have my computer hooked up via usb to a Micro iDSD BL (preamp setting) > Massdrop CTH amp > Headphones. Both of these amps have a “volume” knob (I guess that’s what it’s called) and I’m confused as to how far I should turn either knob to achieve the best SQ w/o distortion (or with distortion?). Can anyone guide me through this? I tried to read about line level, preamps, tube amps, distortion, and the like but it’s just too confusing…

When I use my Micro as a Dac only I use the Direct out and use the volume knob on my Little Dot MKII, i’d only use the Pre out if I was using a power amp or Active speakers etc.

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Ok but what if I use low impedance headphones? I don’t mind using Direct line out for my DT990s, but for the Verum 1s? Also, shouldn’t a 2V input cause distortion?

Sorry if these are noob questions btw…

id put the idsd at a level that allows you to be between 9 and 12 on the amp with whatever headphones your using at the time… I haven’t done this with your exact setup but I don’t think distortion will be an issue doing it that way

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Sounds good! I’ll try this.