Need help working with a dt880 600 ohm

I recently acquired a dark voice 336se, it sounded amazing.
I went to turn on the amp and the power tube started sparking, I didn’t know it happened and was slow to react so my dt880’s took the fall and started to make a popping noise.

now I am hearing a slight buzzing noise in my right ear cup on certain songs I thought maybe it was the song so I switched the inputs around and it stayed in the right ear cup, not the left. it also happens to be in the low frequencies that it’s the worst. currently on a liquid spark to power them.

so now I ask the question should I get a new driver and replace it or is there another fix I can do that’s cheaper

Sounds like they’re balance modded? Did you use an adapter from a balanced plug to single ended?

Edit: i think I misread that…

Could have blown the driver and shorted the amp or vice versa. Hopefully just the tube died.

They are not modded, I’m hoping that it’s just the tube that failed and nothing serious happened to the headphones.

they only have the rattling noise at certain frequencies otherwise they sound the same.

Can you plug them into your PC or different amp?

I have plugged them into my liquid spark as well as my computer directly and the rattling noise still persists

Yeah drivers probably on it’s way out. I think a pair of drivers is like $60 and if you can solder it’s an easy fix.

Not sure about the amp, it’s a bit it of my wheelhouse.

ok, should I just change out the one or change both of them since the left side is still working fine.
also not too concerned about the amp right now.

Pairs of drivers are matched so they’re the same volume. A pair is $60 last I checked, which was quite a while ago so things might have changed.

Only problem is last time I checked beyerdynamic only had the 250phn version available :confused:

is this one or two for what I need.