Need ideas for amp comparison format

So I’m going to be starting an amp comparison for our website.

I try not to get overly technical with numbers while still providing the reader with usable real world experience.

What I’m looking for suggestion on , what is a good format.

Should I just post the amp and specs… Then touch on key features, and finally talk about how it compares with others sound wise.

First world problem: Schiit is sending the heresy and I should be getting the Archel 2.5 soon. So I need to the capabilities of adding on over time as well…

Any thoughts are welcome

Would be cool if you could click some check boxes on ones you are interested in and see how they stack up side by side with the specs and then a link to your review for a full experience


I’ll have to see what I can do about the check boxes, but I can definitely link to the reviews.

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Kinda like how you can compare cameras on bh if that makes any sense