Need IEM recommendation for midrange/treblehead

Hi all, I tried both CCA C10 as well as Tin HiFi T3 IEMs. They’re good, it’s just the bass is too pronounced for my taste, I don’t know if I’m using the right terminology though. It felt a bit punchy at times. I even dropped the first 3 frequencies on my Galaxy S8+ EQ and the bass was still present. I love midrange and treble, but mind you, I’ll stay away from anything sibilant/piercing or anything that has been reported to be treble sensitive by some owners. I love bass as well, but a bit more relaxed. If it helps at all, I own an Audio Technica ATHM50Xs as well as Focal Elex. Oh, I also own the Sony WF-1000XM4s (I put Bass Boost on negative) and I love its balanced and clear musical signature.

I’m looking to spend no more than $100. If you know of a good sounding pair with great clarity/detail, slightly bright midrange/treble but nothing fatiguing or sharp/ear piercing, well-balanced sound and good build quality you’ll set me on my way. I prefer wired.


TinHiFi P1 sounds perfect for you but there’s a couple caveats…First It needs a Dac/Amp with a bit of :muscle: to drive them…Second you’d need to go S/H to get near the $100 mark but maybe still worth checking out :+1:

A used example…

One that is a bit controversial, but might be up your alley is the new FiiO FH5s

thanks! I’ll take a look!

thank you, what makes it controversial though?

It’s brighter than what people expected especially since the original FiiO FH5 is not really considered bright. Also I just realized that you said no more than $100 and I read it as more than $100. My apologies, but the FiiO FH5s will be out of your price range.

I haven’t personally heard these so might be good to ask others about them to see if it fits what you’re looking for in terms of sound, but a couple that you can potentially look at is Etymotic ER2SE or ER2XR and Moondrop Starfield. My concern is Starfield might be a tad too warm for what you’re looking for, but it is known to be relatively neutral depending on who you ask and has a great mid-range. Both Etymotic IEMs, a big warning with them is fit. You either will love them or not like them since they will go deep in your ear.

Otherwise the P1 could be a great option even though it’s out of your price range and issue with that IEM is you need some power to drive them.

The ER2SE will be even less bass then the XR version, but honestly bass is not the strong suite of either. The base is definitely there, it is just not featured… accurate but not powerful would be how I would describe even the XR version. Though aside from the fit which might not be for you, I would also caution that the cable is annoying and semi proprietary, even though it is a common connector, since getting a right angle locking mmcx cable is kinda hard and Etymotic knows this so they charge 2/3 of the cost of a new pair for a replacement cable…

That being said the diffuse neutral sound signature of the ER2XR still makes it one of my favorite IEMs at any price range and for the under $85 it goes for there really is noting quite like it. Especially if you want clarity but non fatiguing treble.