Need Jamo replacement


So this is my little converted attic movie room…

I went with the jamo S809’s and I’m really not impressed by them.

They have a bad spike up top I don’t like and just don’t sound that impressive. Honestly I think my little computer Micca setup sounds better.

Been thinking of getting a replacement, but not sure with what.

Running a speedwoofer with them. Amp is a crown 800.

Any ideas? Somewhere around 500 bucks maybe but willing to go higher if its worth it.

I need to stick to a similar format skinny tower because of the space limitations.


Maybe try playing with placement of your speakers before you buy new ones, cause your picture would suggest that your placement isn’t that good, or do they have to be in that exact spot?
If not try bring them a bit away from those corners and maybe also away from the tv and see if it helps

If not something front ported could help minimize the bad room layout :thinking:


Those jamos are front ported. One of the reasons I went with them.

Unfortunately they do have to be squashed up near the TV like they are. To the right leads to the stairs and putting it any further out makes it awkward to walk around.

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Jamos I personally like listening to off axis to quell a little of the treble. Try toeing them out.


Ok will do.

Super thin like that isn’t the easiest to find. I definitely would mess around with toe adjustment like stated above. Or you can try adding a piece of mesh or foam over the driver to tune it.
After the the only other smallish towers I would recommend in the price range is the pioneer Andrew Jones series…if you can find them.

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Like the ones before.
I would also suggest playing the placements first cause it is easy end free.
Not just the speakers but listening chair / sofa. Is there a place somewhere in room the current speakers sound good?

The Miccas are probably in very different environment (room / furniture etc) since they in PC usage.
Also the listening location is most likely much closer.

What are the things you do not like or would want more/be better like the Micca setup has?


Good looking movie room. Assume you hooked the miccas to see what the room is doing with different configurations. what already has been suggested play with placement to test acoustics. What components are you running through the towers?

I run the Miccas as my 2.1 pc speakers with a SVS1000.

They were placeholders, but I like them so much I just never changed them.

SMSL su8. Balanced output drives the crown and the RCA goes to the speedwoofer.

Ok, I’m just going to try and toy with the placement and see if they can grow on me.

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The peak up top bugs me, but they just don’t seem to fill up the room that well. Maybe I need to throw more power at them?

If they get loud as is the high frequency kills me before anything else does. So I tend to have to run them a little quieter than I otherwise would.

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Nice, i say tinker with the speakers on hand while shopping for the new drivers. Raid the linen closet and experiment with room reflections. I starting taking acoustics seriously after putting up blackout curtains in the HT room shifted the horrible slap echo. now im trapped in the rabbit hole. Sometimes you get lucky on reflections without any treatment.

Horsepowering through might not be the best way to better sound.

They seem to have peaky highs by default and turning them inwards / toe in will help if the room does not f-it up still. EQ them down would also help if possible.

These are from 807 but 809 are pretty much the same.

Sure a speaker change would also tame the highs, if avoiding similar speakers that peak highs.
Bit worried is that the right action to fill the room?

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