Need Mac USB Audio Help

Hey All,

Need a little bit of help here. I’m having issues with my M1 Mac Mini. I am losing USB audio every now and again, and then I struggle to get it back.

This is for all DACs. My main DAC is the Soekris 2541, but this usually happens when I’m switching sources. Internal speaker still works, but nothing else.

I’m using a Powered USB Hub to connect all this stuff, but still nothing when I switch to a port directly on the computer. I’ve tried restarting everything multiple times.

There’s got to be something I’m missing. This happened once before but some combination of shutting things off and disconnecting things worked (I just can’t remember what).

I know from experience that some usb ports with USB-C will interfere with the mac which results in various problems.
I ended up buying an older USB Port with Type A and never had any problems since then