Need Recommendation and a little question

I’m looking for a recommendation since my dt880/250’s right driver stopped working. I want something to match the sound signature since I’m not fond of dark / bass heavy cans. I can settle for both open and closed back with budget around 250-500$. Currently I’m looking at Sundara but that’d take around next month and I have little experience with Headphones to know the differences between them.

While I’m at it I’d also like to ask for what possibly caused my dt880 to die to avoid the same mistake in the future. My daily routine is pretty much having the dt880 plugged first into my Topping NX4 after turning it on, sometimes I switched over to my other setup by just turning off the NX4 without unplugging the cable. I wonder if this was the main cause of the right side of the driver dying. I’d appreciate it if anyone of you are experienced with this.

For the price (350$ I think) Sundara is a nice headphone. Planars will sound different.

Might be a really simple solder break. If they’re broken it wouldn’t hurt to open them up and see if you can find out if all the connections are good.

Yea I opened them up already, they’re intact but I have no idea which one is causing the problem, the cable or the driver. I guess I can try soldering it myself if the cable was the cause but if the driver failed then I’ll need a new cans.

Sundara, don’t even need to think about it. It’s the best thing under 600$ and it’s not sibilant and bright like every Beyer. I wouldn’t pick the DT880 even under 200$

when you would keep the Dt880 and repair it,here the Driver

It cost 50€ maybe 70$ with shipping to the Us. For the European same 70€ i think.

Otherwise when Planar the Quad Era is maybe a bit expensiver but better as the Sundara.

Agree with most people here. If you like the dt880, it’s probably worth trying to fix it. If you’re comfortable enough with tools (soldering, Dremel and stuff), maybe you could try making the cable detachable while you’re at it. Even if it isn’t the cable, detachable cables are always easier to fix the attached ones. And if it’s the driver, like @Deleeh said, it’s relatively easy to get them.

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