Need recommendation for upgrades from shp9500

Hi, im still new here. and also new to audio things too
I want to upgrade from my shp9500 but idk what headphones to choose
my budget is around 300-350$
i would like an open back headphone, i have search some headphones such as 6xx, sundara but maybe there are other better headphones.

Depends on if you have an amp. Sundara is one I would recommend as well in that price range as it’s fantastic just be wary of the quality control issues of the company it’s a big hit or miss. The other, considering shp9500 is a bright headphone, would be the DT 880 in 250 ohms or 600 ohms. Both need an amp.

well right now i only have an ifi hip dac, as for sound i dont mind if its not bright like the shp9500, warm is fine too as long its not to bassy or muddy. mainly i just want something that has a good detail and wide soundstage

My recommendations will stay the same, add Tygr 300R(warm with a touch of brightness), nighthawk carbon(dark and bassy), DT 770(closed U shape), DT 990(very sharp V shape) and Sennheiser 560S(extremely neutral).